12th–Grade College English

12th–Grade College English program offers New Brunswick high school seniors college-level English courses taught by professors from Rutgers’ English department. Students who complete basic composition with a grade of C+ or better receive 3 college credits. Based on the professor's recommendation, certain students will be selected to continue in the spring with Expository Writing (English 101). Upon successful completion of the spring course, students will earn an additional 3 college credits. Fulfillment of these writing requirements ensures that the students will qualify for college-level science courses that have a writing prerequisite or corequisite during their first year of college; this prevents students from having to be placed into remedial writing courses that would limit the number of science courses into which students can enroll.

  • Area(s) Served: New Brunswick High School; New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School
  • Population(s) Served: High school students in grade 12
  • Collaborative Partners: Johnson & Johnson; New Brunswick Public Schools; New Brunswick Tomorrow; Rutgers Department of English