4-H Camp at Rutgers Gardens

4-H Camp at Rutgers Gardens is a day camp serving youth ages 6-14. This program combines the social/emotional learning of 4-H Camp's friendly, communal, tech-free experience with the beautiful environment and educational opportunities of Rutgers Gardens. Campers will bond with their "cabins" throughout the week, as they enjoy a unique mixture of hands-on outdoor education and carefree games played outside. The program provides both the Rutgers and larger New Brunswick communities the opportunity to learn from university experts as campers come together, meet new friends, and enjoy a summer week exploring all Rutgers Gardens has to offer. 

  • Area(s) Served: New Brunswick; Piscataway; towns adjacent to Rutgers University; Middlesex County; New Jersey
  • Population(s) Served: Youth ages 6-14
  • Collaborative Partner(s): Rutgers Gardens; NJ State 4-H Camp; 4-H Youth Development