Rutgers Collegiate 4-H Club

The Rutgers Collegiate 4-H Club provides its members with a sense of identity on campus, enriches their lives through group projects and recreation, and develops confidence and leadership skills. The club provides service and support to its local and state 4-H programs, as well as to communities near Rutgers.

Following are some of the programs and events that the collegiate members actively work on:

  • Support service activities and events on campus
  • Assist with state 4-H Camp events
  • Present at Cook Campus 4-H and FFA Breakfast/Tour
  • Manage a fundraising/information table during Rutgers Day
  • Participate in the State 4-H Association
  • Facilitate at the South Jersey and North Jersey 4-H Teen Conferences
  • Attend Regional and National Collegiate Conferences
  • Take part in State 4-H Public Presentations Day
  • Area(s) Served: New Brunswick; Middlesex County
  • Population(s) Served: Youth; the public