Sustainable Raritan River Initiative

The Sustainable Raritan River Initiative, a joint program of Rutgers Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, partners with other Rutgers units and with stakeholders from across the Raritan River region in a commitment to science-informed policies for sustaining the ecological, economic, and community assets attributable to the Raritan.

  • Area(s) Served: Entire Raritan River basin, including 98 municipalities and 7 counties
  • Population(s) Served: All
  • Collaborative Partner(s): Rutgers scientists, researchers, and students through the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium; business and community leaders from 98 municipalities and 7 counties in the Raritan region; as well as over 100 environmental advocates and governmental entities, including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; New Jersey Audubon Society; New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; NY/NJ Baykeeper; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; NJ Water Supply Authority; The Watershed Institute; Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership, Raritan Headwaters Association; and Duke Farms