"Rutgers Serving New Jersey" T-Shirt Request Form

Shirts are available free of charge to students, current and retired faculty and staff, and alumni. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks before your service date.

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Note: Delivery is available for select orders needed outside Middlesex County, New Jersey.

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Organizations may pay for additional custom imprinting on backs of shirts. Imprinting is in white only.

Pricing by number of shirts imprinted:

25–49: $2.25/shirt
50–74: $2.05/shirt
75+: $1.65/shirt

Note: You can upload your graphic in any color(s), but be aware that it will appear on your T-shirts in white only.

Thank you for your interest. Please review your entries, and hit Submit to complete your request. We will be in contact with you shortly. If you have any questions about this form or the "Rutgers Serving New Jersey" T-shirt program, email servicetees@ucm.rutgers.edu.